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Sergeant Charles Dixon


Harrogate Herald - 2nd May 1917

Roll of Honour

As will be seen by a letter in our soldiers' column, Sergeant Charles Dixon was wounded in the leg by a machine gun bullet in the recent fighting, and is an inmate of the 5th General Hospital, Rouen. He has undergone two operations, and to use his own words "is going on fine".


Sergeant Charles Dixon writes : So as not to waste a copy of your paper I must reluctantly ask you to score me off your list for a while. You see, I am at present in 3 Ward, 5 General Hospital, Rouen, but don't expect to be here much longer. A week ago, while we were rushing the Germans out of a village, I had the misfortune to get struck in the leg by a machine-gun bullet, so I am laid up for repairs. It has made rather a mess of my leg, and I've had two operations, but am going on fine. I hope to be in Blighty shortly. I was sorry to get "done in" so soon in the scrap, as it is great fun "scuttling" Fritz in these villages. How he does run!


Harrogate Herald - 23rd May 1917

War Notes

Sergeant Charles Dixon, HLI, says : Just a line to let you know that I am now in No 2 General Hospital, Alfred Street, Harpurley, Manchester, being transferred from Rouen last Wednesday. Glad to say my leg is going on very nicely.


Harrogate Herald - 30th May 1917

Wednesday Gossip

We are doing our best to try and get Sergeant C Dixon removed to a Harrogate hospital.