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Sergeant Charles W B Dobby


Harrogate Herald - 2nd May 1917

Photo Page

Sergeant C Dobby, West Yorks. Machine Gun Section, of 36 The Avenue, Starbeck, [Charles Dobby, caretaker, St Andrew's Mens' Institute] has been awarded the Italian Bronze Medal.


Harrogate Herald - 11th July 1917

W H Breare letter

Sergeant Dobby, of one of the West Yorks regiments, who had arrived on ten days' leave, came in to see me. In conversation he assured me that any feeling of unrest or despondency at home affected the spirits of the boys at the Front. By the way, it is twenty months since Dobby had his last leave. He has been in Egypt, but was transferred to France. He has seen a number of Harrogate boys, for instance, Lancaster, Sibson, Sharpe, Ashby, Robson, all Starbeck lads, where Dobby comes from. At Thiepval Dobby was buried for thirty minutes as a result of an upheaval from a shell. When he called he was wearing the ribbon of the Italian Medal, which he won on the Somme. His home address is 25 Diamond Place.


Harrogate Herald - 26th September 1917

W H Breare letter

Private F D Earnshaw, of Starbeck, who belongs to the West Yorks, came fresh from Belgium to see me. Sharp, of Starbeck, who is of the same regiment, came on leave about the same time. From Earnshaw I learnt that Johnson, who drove for Knowles, wine merchant, and lives at New Park, was a stretcher bearer, and when fetching wounded he was caught by a shell. The following Starbeck boys are with Earnshaw : Sibson, Lance Corporal Blackburn, Private Ashby, Sergeant Dobby, who, by the way, is in hospital. Earnshaw has been 12 months out the 25th of this month. He has had narrow shaves, but escaped and has kept well.


Harrogate Herald - 14th November 1917

Roll of Honour

A rather strange incident occurred in regard to Sergeant Charles W B Dobby (WY), who is a prisoner at Limberg. His wife, who resides at 25 Diamond Place, Starbeck, first received a letter from his officer, stating that he had been killed, and a day or two later a post-card came from Sergeant Dobby stating that he was a prisoner, which naturally came as a great relief to the troubled wife. Sergeant Dobby joined the Army over 2 1/2 years ago, went out to Salonica after six months training, and then was transferred to France last year, where, it will be remembered, he was awarded the Italian Bronze Medal for bravery.

W H Breare letter

We are inclined to grumble at mistakes, but there are some which we can forgive with all our hearts. Here is an example : Mrs Dobby, of Starbeck, received a letter from an officer stating her husband had been killed. She then got a postcard from Limburg saying he was a prisoner in Germany. I have had a number of people to see me, in great trouble, because their dear boys were missing. I hope this instance I have now given will encourage them to still hope in the absence of the most direct evidence. I know instances where friends at home have just lately received conflicting rumours about their husbands and sons. It has been difficult to reassure them and to stimulate hope, but I have tried hard and perhaps this case will calm their minds.