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Pioneer William Dobson


Harrogate Herald - 28th March 1917

W Dobson writes :

Allow me through the medium of your valuable paper to thank the YMCA for the kindness shown to me when going out to serve my country. I felt sad as I was leaving my wife and three children, and after going through the preliminaries at the recruiting office the Corporal took us, before going to York, to the YMCA, and we were provided with beautiful refreshments free of cost, and the kindly manner in which it was served was like a green spot in a desert to me. I think people should know of the kindness of these places and be prepared to help them all they can. God bless the YMCA.


Harrogate Herald - 9th May 1917

Pioneer H Daniel writes : 

I have been transferred from the 5th West Yorks to the RE. I have heard the boys are not far from here, so I hope to come across some of my pals before long. We are having some sport with the flying machines tonight. One of the Germans has managed to come over our trenches, but I don't know whether he will get back again or not. If you have a safety razor on hand I would like one very much. We are having some grand weather now. Wishing you and the Herald every success. There are only two Harrogate lads in the company, myself and Pioneer Dobson, but would like putting on your list. (we have done so - Ed)


Harrogate Herald - 21st November 1917

Pioneer William Dobson writes : 

I thank you for your kindness in sending me the safety razor. Candidly I did not think there was anyone in Harrogate, apart from my own wife and little family that took any interest in me, but evidently I have

been mistaken. So many thanks to you and Mr S????, and when the day does come that I get back to my home in Harrogate I will call and thank you personally. I get the Harrogate Herald every week, and I like to read it thoroughly. I see many photos in there; I know some of them. It looks but yesterday that they were going to school.