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Syd Draper


Harrogate Herald - 25th July 1917

W H Breare letter

Driver T A Ushaw, of the Canadian Field Artillery, is a nephew of Mr and Mrs G Appleby. Mr Appleby, you will remember, is a late school attendance officer. Ushaw has been seven years in Canada, and came over with one of the contingents. Opposite him one day on board ship he saw two familiar faces, but he had not the opportunity to make himself known because he couldn't recall them. Whilst he was at Whitley he saw these same two Harrogate Canadian boys' photographs in the Herald, and then was able to place them. Young Whitehead came over at the same time as Ushaw - one of the two brothers Whitehead, the son of Mr Jack, who was killed in action. Ushaw is just out of hospital, and shortly will go to a reserve regiment. His home is in British Columbia, where, too, Sydney Mallinson resided. Sydney used to be in the Penny Bank at Harrogate, but is now in the Canadian Forces. Ushaw has seen Syd Draper, of the Royal Field Artillery; Charlie Winterburn, Norman Keighley, Starbeck, and might have met many more had he known they were in the vicinity. Ushaw has the real Canadian spirit, and I enjoyed his visit very much.