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Private George Eaddie


Harrogate Herald - 1st December 1915

Letters received from our soldiers :

Private G Eaddie


Harrogate Herald - 2nd May 1917

W H Breare letter

I had news from lots of Harrogate boys when Private G Eaddie, RAMC, came in last Friday, from Elmwood Street. He has been out since July 4th, 1915. Before the war he was twelve years with Maxwell Grayson, wine merchants, James Street. Of the six lads who enlisted and went out with him, only one remains, and that is Wood. Eaddie has been at the Dardanelles, Suvla Bay, Egypt, and now France. He came home on leave on Tuesday of last week, and returns today. He met Johnson, who worked for Knowles, wine merchant, Parliament Street; likewise E Tindall, who was with us; Sergeant Birkhill, J W Smith, H Lockwood, who, by the way, is reported missing, and Dent, named "Major", as well as Oddy, Ted's son. The last two he saw only three weeks ago, and they wee well. Then he has seen Harry Robinson, Taylor, Syd Dawson, and Simpson. Robinson and Simpson were in the Salvage Corps. Eaddie met Frank Jackson at Suvla Bay, and was the only Harrogate man Jackson had met. Eaddie attended the ambulance classes, with Jackson, under Dr Campbell Ward. Although the last two soldiers were training in Sheffield at the same time, they never saw each other until Suvla Bay. Private Eaddie wishes to be remembered to all his old friends, wherever they may be.


Harrogate Herald - 27th June 1917

W H Breare letter

Just imagine how you would feel if you suddenly found yourself in Harrogate on leave for the first time in two years and three months. This is the happy situation of Private J Oldfield, RAMC, who called to see me on Friday morning. He is the son of Mr and Mrs John Oldfield, of Skipton, and at one time worked for Robinson's, grocers, then for Standing's Ltd., from which establishment he joined up. The reason why he did not get leave before is that he first went to Suvla Bay, then to Greek Islands, next Egypt, and finally France. After Thiepval he was transferred to another division, and had to leave his friends George Eaddie and Wood, who lived in Parliament Terrace, and Billy Smith, of Union Street. These boys are all right so far. In his present division with him is Billy Burkinshaw. On June 7th Oldfield had a touch of shrapnel on the shoulder. he calls it "a bruise", but is quite all right, and declares he suffered no inconvenience. You will remember that his brother Dick was killed a year ago last November. It is rather singular that Dick should have been sent to the casualty clearing station to which J Oldfield was transferred and now in. Oldfield and the Petty boys are great chums - in fact, before the war they went to camp out at Crimple. Perhaps it was to get their hands in, though they could have had no idea of the great affair which was to come later. Perhaps you would like to know who comprised that party? I van tell you. Dick and John Petty, Jesse Scott, Maurice Broadhead, Ryan, and Chapman. All, in turn, have been casualties; but I am glad to say are now alive and well.


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