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Harrogate Herald - 25th December 1918

W H Breare letter

I had a visit from Private R H Johnson and his wife on Thursday. He resides at 15 Poplar Grove, Harrogate, and has been in France two years and nine months. He was formerly with the 51st Highland Division, but is now with the 55th Patrol Auxiliary Company, attached to the Canadian Forestry Corps, and stationed near Rouen. He was in hospital with the "flu" when the armistice was signed, but has got all right again. He has seen East and Read, of Albert Road, who were enquiring about him in the Harrogate Herald. He has two brothers and a brother-in-law in the Army. Johnson had the good fortune to meet his eldest brother the first week he was in France. The brother is a Mons man, and has been wounded three times, whilst his brother-in-law has been hit twice.

[This could be Cpl G Easton]


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