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Private Charles E Elsom


Harrogate Herald - 14th November 1917

Roll of Honour

Gunner George Elsom, son of PC Elsom, who has been stationed in Harrogate so many years and well-known to our residents, has been wounded in the right arm. He is in No 4 General Hospital, France, where he is going on as well as can be expected, having had the shrapnel removed from the wound. Gunner Elsom had a narrow escape a year ago last April, when he was wounded. He and some comrades were in a cellar when a shell came through, and a bed he had improvised in a corner was blown to pieces and a cup of cocoa he was preparing disappeared with the explosion. Fortunately a piece of the flying shrapnel only cut him across both legs and the knee, and his comrades assisted him to the hospital, where he soon recovered. He joined the Army at Easter, 915, whilst at Rotherham following his trade as upholsterer. he joined the 164th Brigade, and was sent to Ripon. After five or six weeks here he was transferred to Salisbury Plain and sent to France in December. He was home on ten days' leave last August. PC Elsom's youngest son, Private Charles N Elsom, is in the Grenadier Guards, having joined last February. A nephew, Sergeant C H Elsom, was in the New Zealand Territorials and over in England on holiday a year last Christmas, and again in October. He joined a New Zealand Corps made up in London. He went to Egypt first, then to Gallipoli and the Dardanelles, and afterwards 600 miles up the Suez canal, and was next transferred to France. He was over last Xmas for his first leave, and had his second about three weeks ago. A pleasant surprise awaited him on his return in the shape of the Military Medal. His brother, Private G M Elsom, also joined a New Zealand regiment, the Canterbury Company Brigade, and went to France last November. He was wounded by a shell above and below the knee and unfortunately it necessitated the amputation of the leg. He is now in the New Zealand Hospital at Weybridge.


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