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Private W Evans


Harrogate Herald - 1st December 1915

Heatherdene Hospital

Private W Evans, of the 9th Welsh Regiment, who is in the Heatherdene Hospital, is among the first lot to arrive in Harrogate this autumn suffering from frostbite. He arrived here a week last Sunday, and was in the trenches at Loos. He was in the big advance on that place, and had the painful experience in having his brother killed before his eyes. His brother, who was only a few yards from him at the time, was struck by an explosive bullet. The nose of an explosive bullet on impact opens like the petals of a flower and inflicts a jagged wound. Sometimes the Germans obtain this effect by reversing the cartridge in its case and firing the broad end first. The use of these bullets is against the rules of war, and a short shrift is given to Germans when found using them. How Evans came through the Loos fighting is considered little short of a miracle, as men were falling on both sides of him, yet he came through without a scratch, only to contract frostbite.


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