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Lance Corporal J Ewbank


Harrogate Herald - 9th May 1917

Lieutenant T Riley, of the old Beechwood Boys, writing to Mr W H Breare, says : 

I am sending you the names of five men who have won the Military Medal and one officer who has won the Military Cross during the recent big advance. Military Medals - Lance Corporal T Marsden, 201879, C Company; Lance Corporal J W Cust, 201511, C Company; Lance Corporal J Ewbank, 201557, D Company; Private Wesley Taylor, 5294, C Company; Private F C Plumb, 201499, stretcher bearer, Headquarters Staff. Military Cross - Lieutenant A W L Smith, C Company, son of the Bishop of Knaresborough. Lieutenant Smith wiped out a German party almost single-handed, and is one of the most respected officers of the battalion, having served with us from the old Beechwood days. You will be pleased to learn that the band are great favourites out here, and in great demand. They are under my care, and have many and varied duties to perform, and I have never yet come across such a lot of fine fellows. They are always ready for any work no matter how dangerous of what hour of the night or day. The Harrogate people should indeed be proud of their battalion. I should like to give you all the details of how our men have won the good name they have had. I am afraid the censor would object. The first time I come on leave I shall call and see you. Then I hope to give you a few details of how our men have conducted themselves. We have won numerous trophies, and I hope to let you have one for exhibition if the authorities will allow. The best trophy was won by the band, and we had a very lively tome too, getting it away from the trenches. All my staff are in the very best of health, and looking forward to a speedy return of peace. We get many rumours out here, and these, in conjunction with what we see, convince us that the Boche is having a most terrible time. he smashes up all the villages, blows up roads and places every manner of obstacles in our way, but we still get at him and they are of small avail. Our CO, Lieutenant Colonel Josslyn, TD, and our Adjutant, Captain Hedley F Heaton, have had a most trying time, but I am pleased to say keep wonderfully fit. I shall be pleased to hear from you and know how the Harrogate people are faring during these times of short rations, etc.


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