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Gunner W E Ferguson


Harrogate Herald - 13th February 1918


Gunner W E Ferguson writes : 

I saw by the Herald my brother Leonard called to see you when on leave. I have not been lucky enough to get to know exactly where he is; he may not be far away from me, but finding friends is a job out here. Well, I have been out here seven weeks about now, and we have had some weather and mud, I can tell you. The battery I trained with was broken up, along with four or five ??????? sent to a base here as reinforcements. I struck very lucky, and was sent to ----- Siege Battery, and the first man I saw when I got to the battery was one of my best friends in civil life, named Watson. He nearly fell off the earth when he saw me. I was pleased, I can tell you, and so was he. He will be home on leave shortly. Well, it is marvellous how all the boys stick it out here and come up smiling every time. It is a bit of a sensation the first time under fire, which I got first day with the battery. I was pleased to read of the success of your son Mr Lynn.


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