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Second Lieutenant Charles R Firth


Harrogate Herald - 1st August 1917

W H Breare letter

On Friday morning, Second Lieutenant Billy Robinson, son of my late lamented colleague, Bob Robinson, looked in. He has passed all his examinations, and on Monday went to the 3rd West Yorks Special Reserve. Billy informed me Second Lieutenant C R Firth, of the Woodlands, Harrogate, who was at one time a schoolteacher in Knaresborough, has got his commission, and joined his old lot, the 3/5th, which he originally entered as far back as 1915. Rather nice that, isn't it, to go back to one's one pals?, though if he happen to get to his immediate friends he will not like the feel of bossing them. For this very reason, lots of boys have refused commissions, because they could not bear to leave their old comrades.


Harrogate Herald - 12th December 1917

Roll of Honour

Mr T Firth, of 59 Wedderburn Road, Harrogate, has received news that his son, Second Lieutenant C R Firth, is in hospital "gassed". He was a teacher at Knaresborough Castle Yard School before joining the colours.


Harrogate Herald 29th January 1919

Mr and Mrs T Firth and family, Elder Lee, Wedderburn Road, Harrogate, desire to thank all friends for their kindly expressions of sympathy in the recent loss of their son, Second Lieutenant C R Firth.


Harrogate Herald 10th November 1920

In loving memory of our only son, Second Lieutenant Charles R Firth, West Yorks Regiment From father, mother and sisters.

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