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Harold Fischer


Harrogate Herald - 24th November 1915

Harold Fischer, leading telegraphist, of HMS Melpomene, writes :

Although not a native of Harrogate, I am a frequent visitor and also a regular receiver of your paper which is kindly sent to me by a friend of mine who resides in Harrogate. I myself belong to Leeds, but I never enjoy going to any place s I do when going to Harrogate, although I have very good reasons for liking there. I enjoy reading the Herald, as it is one of the few papers I am able to get. I must say my work is very tedious, as you no doubt know a wireless operator's is, and I am never more content than when I go on duty with one of the newspapers to read. We go regular right into hostile vicinities, but, alas!, the eagle must not fly seaward, as we return with no ??? to our credit than what we start with, but I am sure you know, it is not our fault, hence ???? the cry from some people, "What's the Navy doing?", Well, Sir, I wouldn't like to invite some of those people who say that to sea with us, especially if we have trips like we have had lately - everything flying about with the motion of the ship and about three inches of water on the mess decks. Quite uncomfortable. Well, Sir, it gives me great pleasure to write to you, and I shall be very pleased to hear from you at your convenience.


Harrogate Herald - 24th November 1915

W H Breare letter

To Harold Fischer, of HMS Melpomene : 

Thank you very much for your interesting letter. I hasten to assure you that although we know so little of the naval operations, we recognise what we owe to your branch of the service, and our admiration for you sailors and your ships possesses us through and through. When the dirty weather comes and the winds are making our telegraph wires scream, our first thoughts is for you sailor boys. I am glad you like the Herald. Be sure you write a card and tell me if it does not come regularly, and I will see to it. Convey my sentiments and regards to the rest of the lads. We may not always say aloud, but we often think, "God bless you".


Harrogate Herald - 1st December 1915

Harold Fischer, of HMS Melpomene, writes to ask for the name of the ship on which Fowler, a friend of his, who lives in Albert Road, is serving. Can anyone help me to answer the query?


Harrogate Herald - 1st December 1915

Harold Fischer, leading telegraphist on HMS Melpomene, says : 

I am in receipt of your paper containing your reply to my letter, for which I thank you. I am sorry to say we have had two more fruitless trips since I last wrote ???? am rather afraid we shall have plenty ???? we meet Von Tirpitz's forces. ?????? it be a day never to be forgotten ??????? do "catch" him napping ?????? have waited long enough ??????? visit this old place very ?????? over a year since I last saw ????? certain I am looking for ?????? pleasure to the time, although ?????? it will not be before we ???????? Christmas Day. The weather ??????? here now. This morning ???????? pieces of ice had settled ?????? which you will know, is ?????? cruiser or battleship. How is the weather in Harrogate? I expect you are feeling the cold as well. I have been trying to locate a friend of mine of the name Fowler, who lives in Albert Road, but so far have been unsuccessful. You don't happen to know what ship he is on now, please? Well, Sir, my "news box" is now empty. I shall be extremely pleased to hear from you again.

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