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Private Cecil Fletcher


Harrogate Herald - 31st October 1917

W H Breare letter

On Monday I was pleased to receive a visit from Sergeant C J Fletcher, of the Headquarters Canadian Troops. He has been in hospital with trouble in one of his eyes, and was then on sick leave. I regret to tell you that his eldest son, Private Cecil Fletcher, who came over with the father to fight for the Mother Country, has died in action. My visitor has another son who is fighting. The father is much above military age. That is why he is on the headquarters staff. I was sorry to see him looking paler and thinner on this visit (he has called before), but I hope that he will soon recover his accustomed health. If he liked he could go back to Canada and continue military work there; but with rare pluck he has determined to see the end of the war on this side.

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