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Major Trevor Mawdsley Foote


Harrogate Herald - 8th December 1915

Two gramophones are wanted at the front. Can any of my readers oblige? The 8th Royal North Lancasters are wishful to have a number of mouth organs. The cost is but a shilling each, so I am in hope many friends will be able to come forth and contribute them. Captain Foote, son of our beloved Vicar of St Peter's, has made the appeal to me through his people. I am sure we shall all be glad to do what we can in this matter for the soldiers and at the same time to show our regard for Captain Foote and his family. Driver E Darley is in need of a melodeon for his comrades. I have had letters from the Front full of gratitude for the musical instruments that have been sent them so far. I am told that some of the marches would never have been so successful and the work so much lightened, had it not been for the cheering strains of these instruments. This fact will be an additional incentive to my generous readers to make further efforts on our boy's behalf. I would again impress upon donors the necessity of allowing their names to go forth to the boys at the Front. This knowledge adds value and interest to the kind acts. The fact is so well understood that no contributor need feel that he or she is in danger of the charge of seeking notoriety. This concession is one of sacrifices we ought to be able to make.


Harrogate Herald - 15th December 1915

Sir, Some weeks ago you were good enough to insert in your valuable paper a request for 250 pair of socks to be sent to our son, Captain Foote, so that each of his men may have a pair for Xmas. I am glad to say that I have had a most generous response to that appeal, and have sent off the 250 pair.

Captain Foote writes : "Every stitch of the socks made by the kind workers has its own reward to them, in the additional comfort which the warm socks give to my dear lads. Do, please, thank every one who has given them".

As long as I am able to do so, I shall now and then (as required) send out a parcel of socks, and shall be glad of any which may be sent to me, as I hear from many sources how urgent it is that our brave soldiers should have frequent changes. Most of the socks should be 11 inches long in the foot by 4 inches wide.

Thanking you very much for allowing me the medium of you paper.

I am, yours truly, A Foote

PS - One kind giver sent me three pair of socks and a Christmas card inside each pair, but, as she only signed her name MS, and put no address, I hope she will see this, and accept my warm thanks.

St Peter's Vicarage, Harrogate., December 6th.


Harrogate Herald 25th July 1917

Major T M Foote, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment, son of the Rev L E W and Mrs Foote, of Victoria Avenue, Harrogate, has been killed in action. Major Foote was killed instantaneously at Ypres whilst trying to get his men under cover from the awful gun fire of the enemy. He had previously been wounded in 1915. the sympathy of the parishioners and townspeople will be with the Rev L E W and Mrs Foote during this sad time.


Harrogate Herald - 25th July 1917

W H Breare letter

The Rev L E W and Mrs Foote, of St Peter's Vicarage, are amongst our very oldest Harrogate friends. You will know, then, dear boys, with what sorrow I tell you their son, Major Foote, has been killed in action. I learnt this sad news from Mr William Ferguson. He received it from friends in Bridlington, where Mr and Mrs Foote were taking a holiday. I cannot tell you any particulars regarding Major Foote's death, but you will doubtless find them somewhere in the Herald today. This I do know; the Major was exceedingly fond of and good to his men, and they in turn had real affection for him. You will remember that he wrote home to his mother asking for certain comforts for his boys, which, I am glad to say, were very promptly sent, and that many of our townspeople contributed to the store with joyous liberality. Mrs Foote has not been in the best of health for some time, but we often see her in a bathchair or her carriage. I am glad to hear from a private source that she has received this heaviest of blows with surpassing bravery.


Harrogate Herald - 1st August 1917

W H Breare letter

We have had some difficulty in obtaining information about Major Foote, who has been killed in action. Mrs Foote has written to me to say that when she returns she will give me some more of he sad details. When I receive them I will let you boys know, for I am sure you are deeply interested.



Loyal North Lancashire Regiment

8th Battalioin

A/Major Trevor Mawdsley Foote

Died : 10th July 1917

Killed in Action

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