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Lance Corporal C Foster


Harrogate Herald - 25th April 1917

W H Breare letter

I have had a letter from Lance Corporal C Foster, who is one of the Military Police in France, to say that he has come across the grave of Corporal B Elsworth, of the 5th West Yorks. He thought the dead soldier's friends at home would like to know that Foster intends to make arrangements to look after the grave when he is not able to do so himself personally. I give the full letter from Foster in the columns devoted to soldiers' correspondence.


Lance Corporal C Foster MF Police, writes : 

It is with pleasure and yet regret I drop you these few lines. First of all, I will introduce myself. Before I say any more about myself I will get on with my object of writing. Whilst taking a walk around a cemetery here I noticed the grave of a soldier named Corporal C Elsworth, 1986, 5th West Yorks Regiment, who was killed on active service, June 20th, 1915. Seeing I know numerous people of that name in the old town Harrogate, I would very much like to you do me a favour by inserting in your valuable paper the particulars of the unfortunate soldier. Should he be a Harrogate boy, do my very best to tend the grave. Of course, there are other boys buried around him, but his grave took my eye. As stated above, I am a military policeman, and have more time than the less fortunate men who are in the trenches. Perhaps the parents of the deceased soldier would be very pleased to know someone was caring for him. A you will know, we have a special corps for that purpose, but I could pass away my spare moments by planting a few seed on the grave. After serving five years with the Territorials, I resigned and joined the West Riding Constabulary and was stationed at Castleford. I might say I have met several Harrogate men - names too numerous to mention. The Herald is sent to me every week, and I thoroughly enjoy reading it. After wishing you the best of health and luck, and your paper every success, I will close.


Harrogate Herald - 24th April 1918

Writing to his parents at 23 Tower Street, Lance Corporal C Foster says

At last I have found time to answer your letter received a day or two ago. You will see I have not put address as usual, because we have left there. No doubt you have read the papers, so you will know why I have left. I am pleased to say I am A1 after having a hot time of it. In a few more days I shall be again settled, and hope to give you my address. Please remember me to all and tell them Fritz hasn't got me yet. He can't run fast enough. I have lost all my belongings, so when I get settled again I will ask for one or two necessary articles. Don't worry about me as I am quite all right. I mustn't grumble at a little moving about, as I had a good stay at my last place.

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