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Private C A Gill


Harrogate Herald - 3rd February 1915

W H Breare letter

To Private C A Gill, 1st West Yorks. Thanks for your post-card. I cannot send your paper to your new address on your post-card for the reason that that address is blanked out. I am sorry to hear you have been in hospital, but I am pleased that you have recovered.


Harrogate Herald - 1st December 1915

Private C A Gill writes : 

I received your paper every week, and I thank you very much for your great kindness. Well, I hope you are in the best of health and all at home, as it leaves me in the pink of condition. I am pleased to tell you that we are out of the trenches for a rest, but I cannot tell you how long for. We are told by our Captain that we are out for a fortnight, and I can tell you we are having very bad weather, raining and snowing, and it is very cold. I am just asking you as a favour if you can manage it, and that is I would like you to send me a Rugby football, as it would pass our time away while we are out for our rest, and it would keep us warm. So I think I have said all this time. Wishing your paper every success, and hoping you will oblige with that little favour. With best respects and kind regards.