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Private Charles Henry Gill


Harrogate Herald - 4th July 1917

W H Breare letter

It is 12 o'clock. I have had another lady in to see me, and she was in deep mourning for her husband, Private Charles Henry Gill, who, according to a report from the military authorities, had first been killed. A subsequent notice came to say that he was missing. The lady has brought me a postcard she received on Saturday from her husband, stating he is in Dulmen prison, alive and well, but wanting food and clothing. Next comes the problem of supplying these wants. The wife has six children, and only her Government allowance, yet she is plucky enough to say that she will save something out of this towards the expense of her husband's parcel. You need not worry, lads. We shall see that she does not give too much, and the rest will be provided out of the Advertiser's Prisoners of War Fund, which I shall not hesitate to appeal for when the fund runs low. Mrs Gill, who resides at 23 Diamond Place, Starbeck, had so far accepted the erroneous notice of his death as to complete arrangements for receiving the pension. These further cases should reassure those of little faith who have missing elatives. Gill is a Beechwood Boy, and had been missing since February 27th.