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Private Ernest Gill


Harrogate Herald - 6th February 1918

Photo Page - Local Lads on Active Service

Private Ernest Gill, East Yorks, son of the late Mr Henry and Mrs Gill, 40 Bower Road, Starbeck


Harrogate Herald 29th January 1919

Fighting Till Surrounded

Pte Ernest Gill (1st East Yorks), son of Mrs Gill, Bower Road, Starbeck, returned home last Thursday after being a prisoner for nearly ten months. Gill was in a skirmish at Eppy shortly after being home on leave, and in consequence of a mist the belligerents got somewhat mixed up, the Allies having their guns trained on a section of their own men until Gill pointed out the error to the CO. eventually Gill and his comrades were surrounded, but continued fighting until a German officer gave the order to his men to "Cease fire". Gill received a bullet which shattered his shoulder blade and another which grazed his head knocked him down. The Allies were in trenches which were being heavily shelled. Gill was sent to Munster, where he was in hospital six months, and was then sent on to Solteau Camp, an awful place, in which many Russians and wounded Germans died. Gill was in a bad way, and does not think he would have pulled through but for the parcels from home. From here he was taken to Hamel, and was expecting being exchanged, but it did not come off. Going to a NCO's camp at Hestemore, he remained here till the armistice was signed. Proceeding to Rotterdam the released men had a good time in Holland, the ladies meeting them at every station and showed their joy and appreciation in gifts of cigarettes and postcards. They came over to Hull in the Derbyshire, which carried its first lot of repatriated prisoners, and Gill reached home last Thursday.