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Private Gillow


Harrogate Herald - 23rd May 1917

Chats with the Wounded

Private Gillow, of the Army Service Corps, is in the Beaulieu Hospital after being invalided home from France with pleurisy, etc. He was eighteen months at the Front. Pte Gillow has a turn for picture frame carving. He was found sat on a bench on the Stray with numerous pieces of cigar box wood and a knife by his side. The wood was in various stages of being carved and fashioned into photo frames. Neatness and skill entered into the work. One can well believe that the finished article will not be allowed to go long without a new owner. It helps to pass the time very pleasantly for the industrious soldier. Pte Gillow carries about with him marks of a little aeroplane incident at the Front. A German machine came over the British lines, and the British gunners began to decorate the exterior with "Archibalds". [Comes from Archie - An anti-aircraft gun or its shell after a music hall performer or song] While Gillow was watching the shells bursting round the Taube, a fuse cap from one of the British shells dropped on his head and left a permanent bump. Pte Gillow since coming to Harrogate has made steady progress.