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Lance Corporal Harry Gledhill


Harrogate Herald - 23rd May 1917

W H Breare letter

I have just had brought to my notice something which looks very like a case of mistaken identity, and I sincerely hope it is so. Mr G W Gledhill, who, you will observe, supplies us with weather notes, received on Sunday morning the following : "The commanding officer and all ranks of the 12th Service Battalion, West Yorks Regiment wish to express to you their deep regret at the loss of 41733 Lance Corporal H Gledhill, and to offer you their sincere sympathy in your sorrow. He died doing his duty". It was signed by R S Smythe, Lieutenant Colonel. Now the number quoted is not that of Mr Gledhill's don, neither is he a Lance Corporal, but his initial is Harrogate there are other Gledhills in the service, and I think we may conclude that there has been some mistake of identity. The war Office in the 5th April reported that Private H Gledhill, No. 2454, was serving with his battalion. Mr Gledhill, however, has not heard from his son since February 7th, and this gives the family and friends a little anxiety. If any of you boys can send us news of H Gledhill, I know you will do so.


Harrogate Herald - 6th June 1917

W H Breare letter

I spoke of Harry Gledhill being missing in mine of last week. I have just had Mr G W Gledhill, the father, in, bringing me the sad news that he has definite information his son was killed in action. He showed me a personal letter from the Chaplain to himself speaking in the highest terms of Harry's character and services to his country. He enlisted in the 15th West Yorks in October, 1914, went out to France April, 1915, and was in that awful gas attack of December 19th, 1915. Returned to France in June, 1916, was wounded July 21st, 1916; returned to France again January, 1917, and was transferred to the 12th. He gave his life for his country in action on the 3rd of May. He was the eldest son, and lived at 7 Skipton Road, aged 24.


Harrogate Herald - 6th June 1917

Roll of Honour

Harry Gledhill (West Yorks), eldest son of Mr G W Gledhill, 7 Skipton Road, Harrogate, was killed in action on May 3rd. He was 24 years of age. He enlisted in the West Yorks, in October, 1914, and went out to France April 15th, 1915. he was gassed at Ypres on December 19th, 1916, and returned to France in June, 1916. He was wounded on July 21st, 1916, returned again to France on January 19th, 1917, and was transferred to the 12th West Yorks, when he was killed in action as stated.

Mr G W Gledhill has received the following letter : Dear Madam, You have, no doubt, already been informed by the War Office of the death of Lance Corporal H Gledhill, who was killed in action on May 3rd. I am writing to assure you that you have the deepest sympathy of all ranks who knew him. He was valued and esteemed as a keen soldier and a good comrade - always ready to do his utmost under any conditions; and I am sure that later on you will find both consolation and pride in the though that he died gallantly, doing his duty to his King and country. Meanwhile may God Himself be your comfort in your bereavement.

Yours very truly, CF, Attached -th West Yorks.


Harrogate Herald 5th May 1920

In loving memory of Lance Corporal Harry Gledhill, West Yorkshire Regiment, who fell in action in France, May 3rd, 1917 From father, sisters and brothers.