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Private J Gledhill


Harrogate Herald - 31st January 1917

Private W Walker, whose home is at Starbeck, writes : 

Just a line to let you know that my mates and I have arrived out here safe and sound. Well, I would like to know if you could put me on your list for a Herald every week, as whilst I was in training I received your paper and found it very useful, as I could read all the news about our old town when so far away. I have three mates - two from Harrogate and another and myself from Starbeck. I think one paper would be enough, as we could pass it round, and it would be appreciated, I know, by my pals, and perhaps would save you a bit of bother by sending one instead of four. Well, it is very cold at present, snowing and raining all last week. I can tell you I feel lost without the old paper. George Nicholson is one. He was a local piano tuner. No doubt you will know him, and the others are Drummer W Halliday, of Starbeck, and Private J Gledhill, of Bilton, and myself, Private W Walker, of Starbeck. There is only one thing that bothers us out here, and it makes us more done up than anything, and that is cigs. We are all cig smokers, and we haven't had a proper smoke hardly, so if you have any on hand know you don't forget the lads from the town we belong to. I have not met any lads that belong to Harrogate district yet, but no doubt will see some before long. Thanks to the band, it got us a good dinner at Xmas, and I thank the contributors who did so much to try and make us happy whilst away from the old town. No doubt we were a long time in training, but our time has come, and we are gong to show what we are made of, I think, this time. All join in wishing your paper every success. 

PS - I know a few of your staff : Wilf Dickinson and Norman Rogers, and I know you will have your hands full just now.


Harrogate Herald - 12th December 1917

Private J Gledhill (West Yorks) was wounded on the 20th November, and is in hospital in France, and going on well. He expects being back to his regiment by Christmas. His home is at 60 Regent Avenue, Harrogate.