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Private William Goodyear


Claro Times 23rd January 1915

Photo Private William Goodyear (Windsor Lane, Knaresborough), of the 5th Royal Highlanders, Canadian Contingent, died at Bulford, near Aldershot, on Sunday. He caught a chill and meningitis developed. He was on leave at Knaresborough only three weeks ago, and looked hale and hearty. He was buried with full military honours at Bulford on Thursday.


Claro Times - 23rd January 1915

Much sympathy is felt in Knaresborough with Mrs Goodyear, of Windsor Lane, in the death of her eldest son, Private William Goodyear, Canadian Scottish. Private Goodyear, who has been in Canada three or four years, enlisted on the outbreak of war, joining the 5th Royal Canadian Highlanders, and he came to England with the Canadian contingent. His regiment was stationed at Salisbury Plains, and as recently as three weeks ago he came to Knaresborough on leave, looking hale and strong. He was well known in the town, and wherever he went always had a warm reception by his many friends. A few days ago he caught a severe chill, and meningitis developed, causing his death in the Bulford Hospital on Sunday night. He is the second Knaresborough man on active service to fall at the hand of sickness. His relatives at Knaresborough were anxious that he should be buried at the Knaresborough Cemetery, but this was impossible, owing to the action of the military authorities.

The funeral took place at Bulford churchyard on Thursday afternoon, and the deceased was given full military honours.

The A Company of the 5th Royal Canadian Highlanders attended to pay a last tribute to their dead comrade, and the Pipers' band and the bugle band of the regiment were present.

The ceremony, which was of an impressive character, was performed by the chaplain of the Regiment (Captain Kennedy). Several officers of the 5th Royal Highlanders were present, including Lieutenant Colonel Leomas, Major McQuail, and Captain Rhodes.

The relatives and friends present included : Mr Thomas Goodyear and Mr John Goodyear, brothers (Darlington); Private A Holmes, 79th Cameron Highlanders; and Private Hanby Harper, Royal Artillery, both of the Canadian contingent.

A shooting party selected from A Company of the deceased's regiment fired a volley over the grave, and a bugler sounded the "Last Post".