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Lieutenant Commander Basil John Douglas Guy


Harrogate Herald - 30th May 1917

Among the recipients of naval honours in the list issued recently is one of particular interest to Yorkshire. The DSO is conferred "for miscellaneous services" upon Lieutenant Commander Basil John Douglas Guy, who won the VC seventeen years ago, while a midshipman of just over eighteen years of age. Lieutenant Commander Guy is a son of the Rev D S Guy, vicar of High Harrogate, and he joined the Britannia two decades since. His first ship was the Barfleur, and when this vessel was on China Station he formed a member of the naval brigade which was landed to assist the foreign settlements at Tientsin during the Boxer Rebellion. The midshipman was given the blue ribbon of the award for valour for the "great coolness and bravery" that he displayed during the attack on the city. An able seaman falling wounded some fifty yards short of cover,

the young officer stopped with him, and attempted to lift him up and carry him to shelter. He was not strong enough, however; so, after binding up the wound, Mr Guy ran for assistance. By this time, the entire fire from the city wall was concentrated on the two, and when the stretchers came up the midshipman dashed out and assisted in placing the wounded man on a stretcher and carrying him in, but the seaman was shot on the way. When Mr Guy returned home he formed one of the Guard of Honour at Westminster Abbey, at King Edward's Coronation, and soon afterwards he was promoted. His work during the present war is not specified in the award of the DSO.


Harrogate Herald - 9th January 1918

Military Honours

Captain B G Guy, RFA, the youngest son of the Rev D S Guy, MA, vicar of Christ Church, Harrogate, has won the MC. His is the third Military Cross awarded to sons of Mr Guy, as well as a DSO, namely : Lieutenant Commander B T D Guy, VC, DSO; Captain O V Guy, MC; Captain B G Guy, MC. Another son, Rev A Guy, MA, Chaplain RN, preached last Sunday in Christ Church and spoke with great gratitude of preservation from many perils, and especially laid stress on the importance of prayer and thanksgiving on next Sunday (January 6th), and at all times.