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Private J Hamilton


Harrogate Herald - 1st December 1915

Private J Hamilton, Harrogate, 12279, of the 10th West Yorks, is in Northumbrian CCS Hospital suffering from injury to his ankle, inflicted by the bursting of a shell. He is progressing satisfactorily, but is anxious that his comrades at the Front should have news of him, hence I write this explanation.


Harrogate Herald - 1st December 1915

We understand that many of the pals of Private J Hamilton, one of the 10th West Yorks Regiment, have missed him recently. It appears that he has had the misfortune to receive a gunshot wound in the foot whilst in action in France on the 8th November. The following letter to his parents explains the incident.


Private J Hamilton, 12279

10th West Yorks

c/o 5th Northumbrian CCS Hospital, British Expeditionary Force

20th November 1915

My Dear Parents, So sorry have not written before, but you will see by my address that I am in hospital. Don't worry, it is nothing serious. I must tell you how it happened. A shell burst about twenty yards away from me, and a brick, or something as large as a brick, hit me on the ankle. They first of all suspected a fracture, but fortunately it is nothing but a bad sprain. I have been in hospital a fortnight now, and have not been out of bed, but another few days will see me hobbling about, I think. It is like being in heaven after the trenches - a nice soft bed, plenty of good stuff, and free from chats. I don't mind if I stop here the duration of the war. Well, I wonder how you are all going on. I expect I shall have lost my letters, because they couldn't send them on, they won't know where I am, and I can't tell them because I have no writing paper. This I have borrowed; so show them all this letter, mother, and then they won't think I have forgotten them. I must knock off now, with best love to all, Your affectionate son, Joe.

PS - I got hit at Ypres, you will have read so much about in the papers. Will write to Lily and Polly when I get some paper and envelopes.


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