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Lance Corporal Ernest Harrison


Harrogate Herald - 21st November 1917

W H Breare letter

Many of you boys will remember Lance Corporal Ernest Harrison, 37097, 9th West Yorks, who was one of the secretaries to the old Rugby Club, and was employed by Mr Knowles, painter and decorator, Oxford Street. His wife had a letter from an officer of another regiment stating that he saw Lance Corporal Harrison wounded on the 10th November, made him comfortable, saw him put on a stretcher and taken to the dressing station. Later he heard the worst had happened. The news is so vague, however, Mrs Harrison would be glad of more definite information from anyone who had charge of the unfortunate soldier after he had been wounded. Any news will be gratefully received by Mrs Harrison, c/o Mrs Rickinson, 23 Devonshire Place, Harrogate, or at the Herald office.


Harrogate Herald - 28th November 1917

Roll of Honour

We regret to have to record the sad news that Lance Corporal E Harrison, of whom we made enquiries last week, has died from his wounds. It will be remembered that he was the son of the late George Harrison, of Mayfield Grove, Harrogate, and one of the hon. secretaries of the old Rugby Football, Club. His widow, who resides at 6 Regent Street, Harrogate, received a letter from his captain, in which he says : "Dear Mrs Harrison, I am so very sorry to have to tell you that your husband, Lance Corporal E Harrison, has died of wounds received in action on November 10th. he took part in a raid on the German lines, and was wounded by a shell, and died in a dressing station a mile behind the lines a few hours afterwards. Mercifully, I do not think he suffered much pain, as he was unconscious most of the time. I had not known him very long, but long enough to realise what a loss he will be to us here, as he was so popular with everyone. Please accept our deepest sympathy with you in your irreparable loss. May it be some consolation to you to know that he died fighting for his country. PS. I did not write to you before, hoping that your husband was in hospital, and I have only just heard definitely that he died. May he rest in peace.

Second Lieutenant Prime, of another regiment, who saw Lance Corporal Harrison wounded, and put him on a stretcher for the dressing station, says : "Let me in this hour of trouble send you my deepest sympathy. He seemed a nice lad, and was as cheerful as possible when I left him".

W H Breare letter

I told you last week that Lance Corporal Ernest Harrison, 37097, 9th West Yorks, has been wounded and taken to the dressing station. Mr Rickinson wrote me to say that further news had come saying that he had died. Mr Rickinson enclosed a cheque for 5 to spend upon the boys as I think best.


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