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Harrogate Herald - 1st August 1917

Stretcher Bearer C Holdsworth writes : 

On behalf of my pal and self, I want to ask if you could, without any inconvenience, place our names on your list to receive the Herald. My friend lives in Harrogate, while I reside in Knaresborough. We are in the Gloucester Regiment, which is rather strange to us with being Yorkshire lads but as you doubt know we can't pick and choose. We were formerly in the West Yorks, but we were transferred whilst on active service. Our names are Hawe and Holdsworth. We have had the pleasure of dropping across a few Harrogate lads now and again. When we were in the West Yorks we always had the paper handed on to us, but now we very seldom hear anything of good old Sulphurland. I think I can honestly say that it won't be long before the whole kit is nappo now; at least, that's the opinion of all the lads out here. [We have put Holdsworth on our list to receive the Herald weekly - Ed.]


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