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Private Haworth


Harrogate Herald - 30th January 1918

Chats with the Wounded

The boys in hospital blue have had plenty of fun and sport out of the billiard tournament on the green cloth during the winter months, and keen rivalry spiced with good-natured chaffing have given the games a zest which is not possible without the personal element. There were only two points difference between the first four clubs, which shows how close the positions of the leading teams in the table was. St George's, with eight points representing as many wins out of the ten games, came out top with another of the Grand Duchess' institutions second with seven points, while Grove House and Heatherdene tied for third place with six points each. It is to be noticed that Heatherdene had the least number of points scored against them. St George's, also managed to beat a team representing "The Rest", the whole of the St George's players running to their full points. The winners were presented with excellent auto-strop razors, while Private Haworth, of St George's, was presented with a silver cigarette case for making the highest break of 53.


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