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Sergeant J Head


Harrogate Herald - 3rd January 1917

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Invalided Sergeant J Head, West Yorks, Pioneers, son of Mr and Mrs W Head, 26 Robert Street, Harrogate, has been invalided home with trench fever and rheumatism.


Harrogate Herald - 7th March 1917

W H Breare letter

I had Sergeant J Head in last week. He had been invalided home with trench fever and rheumatism combined. At first he was sent to hospital in France. That was in November, when the very bad weather was on; then he was brought to Birmingham, and finally to the Bath Hospital in Harrogate, where he has been exceedingly comfortable. It is some time ago since he drove for the Harrogate Corporation. Just before the war he was in the West Riding Police Force at Wakefield.. he enlisted a year last November, and went out to France the following June. He is a Harrogate boy, and son of Mr and Mrs Head, of Robert Street.

Whilst on active service one of the comrades he met was Norman Kemp, son of Mr William Kemp, our sanitary inspector. Head also saw Charlie Foster, painter, of Tower Street. These he last saw one day in passing through a French village. He had likewise met Cooper, of King's Road. The late Sergeant France, son of Police-Sergeant France, who died long ago, was Sergeant cook in Head's company. Quarter-Master Horsley, clerk at Knaresborough Police Court for some time, was also in Head's company. Horsley was killed in action. my visitor is second cousin to Mr George Head, well-known in connection with the Harrogate Cycling Club, who resides in Robert Street. Sergeant Head desires me to send his kind regards to his old pals at the Front, who are certainly in his thoughts. By the way, those who know her we be interested to know that Head's grandmother still lives in Lund Lane, Killinghall.


Harrogate Herald - 8th January 1919

January 1st, at 26 Robert Street, Harrogate, the wife of Sergeant J Head, a son.


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