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Corporal J Henry


Claro Times - 20th March 1915

Photo Corporal J Henry, who joined the Army in 1901 is a member of the Knaresborough Silver Band, and was a playing member of the now defunct Knaresborough Football Club.


Claro Times 20th March 1915

Corporal J Henry, of Briggate, Knaresborough, who is stationed at Patrington, Hull, was at Redcar during the bombardment of the East Coast. He joined the Volunteers in 1901, and claims to be the first Knaresborough recruit to be attested and sworn in to serve King Edward VII. He served continuously until 1910, joining the Territorials in 1908, when the old Volunteer system was scrapped.

Corporal Henry was a member of the Knaresborough Association Football Club from its inception, and played regularly withy the team until defunct two years ago, winning seven medals in all. He has also been a member of the Knaresborough Silver Band for the past eleven years. The band has now been disbanded, as most of the members are on active service. It will be remembered that when the second contingent of National Reservists left Knaresborough, the remnants of the Silver Band headed the procession to the railway station. At the station practically all the remaining bandsmen, being reservists, themselves entrained, leaving their instruments behind.


Claro Times 27th March 1915

Photo Sergeant M Henry, Knaresborough, of the 5th West Yorkshire Regiment, stationed on the East Coast. Like his brother, Corporal J Henry, whose photo we published last week, he is an old Volunteer, and a member of the Knaresborough Silver Band


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