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Driver A V Heptonstall


Harrogate Herald - 3rd January 1917

W H Breare letter

I have had a visit from Driver A V Heptonstall, of the MT. Two of Councillor Robinson's sons, of the firm England and Robinson - you'll remember - and Heptonstall went out together. I am not quite clear whether Corporal Allen was of his lot, but the Robinsons are. Allen belonged to a troop of entertainers in Harrogate. Lots of the Harrogate boys, who have come out of the trenches for rest, are billeted in the same village as Heptonstall. Among them is Sergeant Sydney Simmons. He sent some French field glasses home to his mother by Heptonstall. Amongst the lot in billets are Holland, Raper, Holgate, all of whom are well and in good spirits. Heptonstall saw his brother some time ago, accidentally. The brother belongs to the Oxford and Bucks Infantry, and was bringing horses to be shod. My visitor is a bright chap and was looking jolly and well. Of course he was glad to be home and particularly at Xmas time.


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