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Harrogate Herald - 25th April 1917

Jack Joy writes : 

Just a few lines to thank you for forwarding your good old breezy Herald. I'm pleased to say it has landed safely every week since you started sending to me, and it comes with the same freshness, for it keeps us in touch with the old town and all its doings. It is especially good of you to continue sending them when one comes to think of the difficulties newspaper proprietors have to contend with these days. If one might make a suggestion, could not some kindly-disposed person organise a scheme whereby the Herald bought by civilian people might be collected, say, on the Thursday, and then despatched to Tommy. It would not make much difference to the lads out here if the paper was a day or so later, and I feel sure there are hundreds of people who would only be too glad to hand back their copies if the thing was only once started, and at the same time doing a service to the economy question. The news of the past few weeks has made a great impression on the lads out here, and their hopes run higher just now than, I should say, since the beginning of the war. The Germans, in their usual style, are trying to make out that all that is happening is "according to plan". It is certainly true, but the plan belongs to the Allies, and that's where the rub comes in. However let us hope that ere long they will realise that the game is lost, for when that day comes our lady friends, instead of making "iron rations", can go back to their hat trimming and the men again exchange the sword for ploughshare. I have met several Harrogate chaps this last few weeks : Carrick, who worked on the Duchy Estate; Heritage, who was with J Hunter, the pork butcher; Timmins, who worked for C Walker and Sons. These three are in the same brigade as myself. I also met Mr Parish, the solicitor, who is a corporal in the Military Police, and also Ernest Robinson, son of Councillor Robinson, so you see, although not being in a local regiment, you haven't to go far to meet a few Harrogatonians. Again thanking you for your valuable paper, and wishing it the success it deserves. Trusting this finds you in the best of health.


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