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Private W E Hicks


Harrogate Herald - 29th December 1915

The committee of Knaresborough ladies who organised a Xmas gift fund for sending parcels to local soldiers and sailors with the expeditionary forces and on the high seas have been deeply gratified and richly rewarded with a shoal of appreciative letters received by Miss J M Alexander (hon. secretary) from the boys on service for King and country. We have pleasure in inserting the first batch, and others will be given in subsequent issues :

December 18th - Dear Miss Alexander, I am writing these few lines to thank you and the friends from Knaresborough for sending the very nice parcel which I received quite safely and in good condition this morning. I am sure it is very good of you to send these parcels to us, and it also lets us know the little bit we are doing out here is appreciated by the folks at home. I enjoyed the contents very much. We are as excited as children when a parcel arrives, and one generally invites his pals to tea when a parcel arrives, as we generally try to share and share alike. We shall be glad when this business is all over and we can come home again. I also wish to thank all for their kind thoughts and wishes, and I wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy New Year, and may you all have as pleasant a time this Christmas as we have had this tea-time in making short work of the good things which you sent out to me. I appreciate your kindness very much. Thanking you once again, I remain, yours sincerely, Private W E Hicks.


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