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"Toby" Hodgson


Harrogate Herald - 16th January 1918

H Gill says : 

I have had the Herald sent out here regularly from home, and came across a letter from W A Ballance, a school chum of mine, inquiring for my address. I had written him, as he remarks, without giving any address, as I knew he had it. I should feel pleased if, through the medium of your paper or by means most convenient to yourself, you would inform him that I have been in the 2nd Canadian General Hospital since the 10th December with a somewhat severe illness contracted whilst up the line, and I am now in a convalescent camp preparatory to rejoining my company. During the last six or seven months I have seen a good bit of France and Belgium, and met a good few local lads on different parts of the line, notably the good old Beechwood party. Laurie Heap was in the same division as myself, and being old friends we had many pleasant hours together, but unfortunately he was wounded and badly burnt by a gas shell when we went into a very hot stunt just over three months ago. During the last attack we were in I also came across a brother of the late Lieutenant Garnett, and managed to exchange a few words with him. It may be of interest to old friends of Sergeant C D Longfield, whose father, I believe, was formerly stationmaster at Starbeck, to know he has been in this company since February last - he was Corporal until last October. We often talk about mutual acquaintances Greetham and "Toby" Hodgson and Jesse Coleman and I thought they might like to know his whereabouts. He is a cousin to the Makins, of Elmwood Street, one of whom won the DCM and was afterwards killed. I had hoped to go to hear Miss Lena Ashwell's Concert Party when I came out of the line, but was prevented by my illness. I was anxious to see Mr Gordon Williams, as I often used to take part in his concert work several years ago. We have had a glorious Christmas in hospital, and I assure you I shall go back to the boys feeling considerably "bucked" thereby. Please accept my very best wishes for the New Year.


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