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Harrogate Herald - 17th April 1918

Acknowledging the Herald, J Wilson, telegraphist on HMS Greenwich, says :

It is one of the great pleasures worth looking for. I may tell you that it is fully appreciated, so here's the best of luck to you and the staff of the Herald for anymore. I see by the war news that a brighter side is now appearing, so we mustn't lose out faith, because he lads out in France will not fail us, and never will. Oh, by the way, I ran across a Harrogate fellow a few days ago in fact, he is in board here; his name is Hodgson, son of Mr Hodgson, boot repairer, who resides somewhere in the region of Starbeck. We have had some long yarns together about dear old Sulphurland. Now, since I was last home, which was September, I've come across a number of Harrogate fellows. They are all quite close to me, so often have talks together. If you remember when I was home last, I had a pal with me, R E Parry; he sends his best wishes to you and the staff. What do you think of the new rationing scheme? I think it should have been adopted long before now not to have waited till it was absolutely necessary. At any rate, I hope it proves a great success. How do you manage now with darkened streets? I suppose by this that you're becoming quite accustomed to it. My! Won't it be great to have peace here, and all lights full on, etc? we shan't know what to do. The result of the Tank was very good. Bravo! Harrogate. He result was, I believe, well over a million pounds, and still subscriptions come. I believe you had bad weather for Easter. What a contrast with us. It was absolutely glorious, almost like summer until yesterday.


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