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G Hoisted


Harrogate Herald - 18th April 1917

Driver T Flynn says : 

I am in the pink at present, and have received the three "Knaresborough Post" you sent. I was sorry to see poor W Kay, of Knaresborough, had gone under, as he was a very nice chap. I have only come across two of the boys from about there as yet. One is E Taylor, of Starbeck, and the other is G Hoisted, of Goldsborough, but I am going to another part of the line any day now. I have been down for a rest, and I don't think the place I am going to can be any worse than where I was for mud and souvenirs, as the night we left Old Fritz must have got to know we were on the move, and he didn't forget to send us some bon souvenirs. He kept dropping them all round us for about two hours. I may come across some more of the boys on the part of the line I am going to. I think everybody is fed up, and I can tell you I am. Some talk about getting souvenirs home. If I get myself home I'm of opinion it will be a good enough souvenir for my old Dutch. It's no place for a parson's son out here, for if he doesn't know how to swear he will soon learn. Wishing yourself and staff and also the good old paper every success.


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