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Private Joseph Holgate


Harrogate Herald - 15th December 1915

Photo - On Monday Mr Justice Bargrave Deane, in the Probate Court, heard an application by the father of Joseph Seanor, otherwise Holgate, a Private in the West Riding Regiment, and formerly on the postal staff at Harrogate, for a grant of administration.

Counsel said the man died on November 21st, 1914, a wounded prisoner of war in Germany, and died in the field hospital at Menin, intestate, and without issue. He enlisted in 1899, in the name of Joseph Holgate, and in 1907 he was married in Birmingham in that name to Annie -----. She had not taken a grant of administration. The estate consisted of 76 gratuity, payable by the Post Office, and also 58 payable by the Postman's Federation Mutual Benefit Society. He was on the postal staff at the time he rejoined the Army. After his marriage, he saw his wife at intervals. They did not live together continuously. When he obtained his discharge from the Army in 1907, they lived together for a fortnight, near Leeds. His wife then left him and returned to Birmingham. The only address he had was "The GPO, Birmingham". In 1911 she wrote her husband a letter which ended by saying :"If you care to say good-bye, you can write to the Post Office".

His Lordship granted administration to the deceased's father.


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