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Private T B Holgate


Harrogate Herald - 8th December 1915

W H Breare letter

I am indebted to Mr L B Coe, of 12 Cheltenham Parade, for bringing in to see me Private T B Holgate, a friend of his who is a Canadian soldier. He belongs to the 2nd Battalion of the Canadians, and came out with the first contingent in February. He is in the Machine Gun Section, and he says they do not get much rest. His father is a very prominent musician of Canada and the conductor of several choral societies. Holgate is a typical Canadian, and thinks that country is the only place for a man. He has all the independence and spirit of the free Canadian. I asked him if the Canadian soldiers, in the charge, still continued to run away from everybody and refused to be held back. You will remember the incident when the men charged, and in doing so could not be stopped until they got well over the mark. Holgate has those sparkling, humourous eyes that see nothing in life but a joke. He twinkled all over when I asked him the question and answered by a smile. By now his leave is over, and he is back at the Front. My best wishes go with him and all his splendid fellows.


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