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Will H Holgate


Harrogate Herald - 21st November 1917

Will H Holgate writes : 

I enjoy reading the contents very much, especially your letter to the boys, which I think is a splendid idea, and I'm sure the boys will appreciate it wherever they are doing their bit. It gives us an idea of how things are going on in the old town, and helps to keep us in touch with home. I often come across the name of an old chum, and sometimes I am sorry to say it is in the Roll of Honour. I have only been out her four months, and am at a depot not far from the coast. I am not fit for the trenches, so have to be content with a back seat. They say it takes three men to keep one man in the trenches, so I guess I am one of the three. I expect we shall have to keep smiling and carrying on, as I am afraid this job is going to last a long time yet by the way things are going just at present. All the same I feel quite confident we shall come out on top in the long run. I am glad to say I am in the best of health and spirits, and quite all right here up to now.


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