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Private J Holmes


Harrogate Herald - 29th January 1919

J Holmes writes : 

I am sure that it is more than kind of you to do what you do for the people that are in need of a little assistance.


Harrogate Herald 29th January 1919

Private J Holmes writes : 

I was sorry to hear of the death of my cousin, Herbert [ should this be Hubert ?] Hardcastle, of Follifoot. I saw his photo and the account of his death in the Herald, and that was the first I knew. I at one time worked for Mr Pickard, of Follifoot, and of course spent most of my leisure time in company with Herbert. I hear he was on his way home at the time of his death, which makes it all the more sad. My deepest sympathy goes out to his brothers and sister, whom I know will mourn his loss very deeply, although they will know he will be happy with his dear father, whom he loved very dearly. I am sure all of us who are well and safe look up and thank God with all our hearts for His safe keeping and guidance through this awful struggle. I was a little surprised to hear about the squabble the soldiers have been having, but I feel sure it will not lead to anything serious. I think we are all too proud of what we have accomplished to try and make trouble now that the job is over.


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