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D Hopkins


Harrogate Herald - 23rd May 1917

Wednesday Gossip

The following letter sent to a local ammunition worker will be of interest to my readers : My Dear Miss -, No doubt you will be rather surprised to receive this letter, inasmuch as I am quite a stranger to you. You may be greatly offended at receiving this. Well, anyway, I hope you will not condemn me too harshly. I saw your name and address written on the inside of an ammunition box, and I thought perhaps you were the maker or else the packer. I think you will be gratified to learn that we used the ammunition in that particular box, and more with it, with disastrous effects to old square-head Fritz, I mean. We fairly put the wind up him. You may find things rather hard in England at present, but it may be of some consolation to you to know that your efforts are greatly appreciated by the boys out here. I trust this will not give offence, and that you will write a few lines when you have the leisure. With kindest regards and best wishes, Yours sincerely, D Hopkins.


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