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Drummer Stanley Horne


Harrogate Herald - 24th January 1917

Drummer S Horne says : 

We had a comfortable passage, and there was nothing to hinder us on the water. On landing and marching through the streets we were well received. As was expected, we have come out with the full complement of instrumentalists, and gave the battalion some stirring marches. After having 24 hours' rest under canvas, we entrained again, and had 24 hours' train journey to a village behind the firing line, and the last two days have heard the guns quite plainly. The billets are wretched places and very damp and in poor condition. The weather is cold, and we have had snow and rain in plenty. We fell it more uncomfortable with coming from good billets in England. However, all of us are in the best of health and in good spirits. I should very much like to ask if it would be possible to send me a wristlet watch, as I have not got one at present. While we were coming over I unluckily smashed mine while going down the gangway. It was so slippery and had been freezing. It is very awkward not having the time. I know you will put me down for the Herald, which will go round to many here after I have read it. I don't think we shall stay here many more days, but move further up to the front.


Harrogate Herald - 17th April 1918

Drummer Stanley Horne, writing from hospital at Cheltenham, says : 

I should like to thank you for the regularity of the paper week by week while I was in France, and it was always an interesting day when Tuesday came, as it generally reached us that day. The paper has proved a source of interest and a great help to the lads, and I wish very much the success of the paper in the future.


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