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A Cecil Howes


Harrogate Herald - 10th October 1917

W H Breare letter

I have just ascertained that Percy Raworth was killed by an aerial bomb while voluntarily undertaking dangerous duty with the Tanks. Captain F A Robinson writes to the father from a camp in this country as follows : "I feel I must write to you, and offer my heartfelt sympathy on hearing of the death of your son Percy, I only heard from France on Saturday. The news came as a terrible shock to me, as your son had been with me ever since he joined up in 1915, and we have been through so many bad times together in France. Raworth was the most popular man in the Company with both officers and men, and I could not have wished for a cooler or braver man in action. I am enclosing a letter I have just received from him written just before his death, also letter from one of my old men. I should like you to return these letters at some future date. If I can be of any use to you in getting any information, etc., I should be only too pleased, Again offering you and family my deepest sympathy, I remain, yours sincerely, F A Robinson, Captain".

The letter enclosed is as follows : 

"Just a line to let you know the sad news. Percy Raworth was killed on Sunday while guarding one of the animals. He volunteered for this guard, and was left by himself. A bomb from an aeroplane fell close to him, which practically killed him outright. It seem hard lines, considering the risks he ran before. I am sending this to your home address, not knowing your present battalion. Percy showed me the very nice photo which you sent him of Mrs R and yourself. I remain, yours sincerely, A Cecil Howes".


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