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Gunner E Hudson


Harrogate Herald - 7th November 1917

W H Breare letter

Gunner E Hudson, of the RGA, has been invalided home with rheumatism and trench fever, and is now in Ward C2, Annexe, Norfolk War Hospital, Thorpe, Norwich. I am hoping to get him transferred to Harrogate. I know Hudson. He is a nice chap and every bit a man. I first met him when I was swearing in recruits at Westminster Chambers during recruiting for Lord Derby's lot. Hudson was then assisting at the recruiting office, but subsequently joined the RGA.


Harrogate Herald - 13th March 1918

Breare letter

Gunner E Hudson, of whom I have spoken to you before as working at the recruiting office, where he was voluntarily employed during the Derby movement, has just been in to see me. He was sent home with rheumatism to a hospital at Norwich. I am pleased to say that with the assistance of the hospital authorities here I was able to get him sent to one of our home institutions, and he is now at the Royal Bath Hospital. He has been out twelve months. During that time he considers he has been very fortunate, for he escaped everything but the rheumatism, and you know this is a busy time to say the least for gunners. He has never seen a Harrogate lad whilst out. He is having sulphur baths, deriving much benefit from them and recovering satisfactorily if somewhat slowly. Hudson has only been five weeks in Harrogate, but during that time he has not been so fortunate as he was at the Front, for his father dropped down dead at Thirsk and his wife's mother has passed away.


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