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Harrogate Herald - 2nd January 1918

W H Breare letter

Some of you Harrogate boys will remember our Mr Hudson, the special artist in the Herald process room, where the photo blocks are made. Well, he has been home this Christmas and looks exceedingly well. He has turned out one of the round pegs in a round hole, for he has a job which suits him to a T. No, I can't tell you what it is. One of those things that are never talked about, you know!


HH - 27th February 1918

Driver A Smithson says : 

I have met a few of the boys from the old town - one called Hudson, from Starbeck, and one from Knaresborough - so I passed three of your papers to them. When I asked them if they would like to see one they were more than pleased. One said, "Yew, let's see something from the old town". I am sorry to say I have left them now.


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