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Sergeant W Ibson


Harrogate Herald 17th January 1917


Sergeant W Ibson writes : 

You must excuse me not writing before to thank you for football, tube, and inflator received per the Herald. I wrote to Master Paull to thank him for the gift, and have had a very nice letter in reply. Since I wrote you last I've been through a pretty rough time, but as you will see by the address, I've got away from it for a time, and not a little bit sorry. I shall be back just right for when the boys come out for a rest, so will be able to get a game of footer, as we have not had the opportunity up to the present to take advantage of Master Paull's gift so kindly forwarded by you. I had the experience of spending Xmas Day and Boxing Day in a shell hole, raining just about all the time, and sat ankle deep in mud and water. Our festivities were the usual sort - "Fireworks", so you can just imagine what a healthy resort we were in. I think one of he things I look forward to most is the good old Herald, which my dear mother forwards to me every week, and I find your weekly chat to the boys on service very interesting - in fact, I always think it the goods. 

During the last few weeks I've met a nice few Harrogate and district boys, and have had one or two long chats with "Major" Dent - in fact, we have been very thankful for the "Penny-all-the-way" 'buses, which have saved us a lot of tramping when coming out for a few days' rest. I was pleased to find some more Harrogate and district boys, who I know very well, who came to join us last week. I didn't have much time to talk with them, but hope to when I get back. I think you have got all the news this time, so will conclude, trusting these lines find you and staff enjoying the best of health, and wishing you, the Herald, and staff the best of luck for 1917.


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