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Captain J Birkenshaw Idle


Harrogate Herald 3rd March 1920

Wednesday Gossip

I have received the following letter :

Cologne, 22nd February, 1920

Dear Sir, I am under orders for home establishment, and expect to leave at any time. Please accept my gratitude for sending me your paper for so long. I have appreciated it very much indeed, especially so in the lean days of 1916-17 and 18, when reading matter of every description was exceedingly scarce, and always more than welcome.

Yours sincerely, J Birkenshaw Idle, Captain, RAVC


Harrogate Herald 20th October 1920

Captain J Birkenshaw Idle, RAVC, who is now with the 6th Dragoon Guards in Ireland, has received an appointment in the Indian Civil Service Veterinary Department, and takes his passage to India about the end of November. He has to obtain his release from military service, and then arrangements will be made for him to sail at the first opportunity. The officers of the ICVD supervise all official veterinary work in India, other than that of the Army. This includes (a) educational work in veterinary colleges, (b) horse and mule breeding, (c) cattle disease and cattle breeding. Captain Idle was four years in Rhodesia previous to joining the Army, he had four years service in France and Germany, and had has twelve months in Ireland.


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