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Ben Ingham


Harrogate Herald - 4th April 1917

Chats with the wounded

Among the Harrogate lads wounded is B Ingham, who will be remembered as an operator for several years at the Picture House in Cambridge Street. He is in hospital. "Benny", as he was familiarly called, was known to a wide circle of Harrogate people, who will wish him a full recovery.


Harrogate Herald - 2nd January 1918

Chats with the Wounded

Ben Ingham, of Harrogate, who joined the signal section, has received his discharge from the Army after being in several hospitals following on a shrapnel wound in the leg. He is back in Harrogate and is detailed for outdoor treatment at the baths, in the hope that it will get the use of the limb back. The bullet injured the main nerve in the leg, and among other things deprived him of the use of his toes, and though time has remedied this to some extent, one of the toes is still obdurate, and this has rendered the foot useless for further active service, hence his discharge. Ben Ingham was for a number of years operator at the Picture House in Cambridge Street. He carries on his watch-chain the shrapnel bullet extracted from his leg as a grim souvenir of the war.


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