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Able Seaman E Ingleson


Harrogate Herald - 2nd May 1917

War Notes

Able Seaman E Ingleson, of the British Destroyer Broke, who bravely distinguished himself in the naval action in the Channel on the night of April 20th, when two German destroyers were sunk, is the son of Mrs Ingleson, of 121 Cold Bath Road, Harrogate, and has many friends in the town. He joined the Navy when 15 years of age, and is now 22. He served for some time on the St Vincent, and saw something of the Jutland battle, and was afterwards transferred to the destroyer Broke. He had previously been wounded in action. Only about a fortnight ago he was at home in Harrogate on leave, and on Saturday last Mrs Ingleson received a telegram from him after the action to say that he was safe. The incident in which he figured so prominently is described as follows :

In the meanwhile the remaining two destroyers in the German line poured a devastating fire upon the Broke. The foremost gun crews were reduced from 18 men to six. Midshipman Donald A Gyles, RNR, in charge of the forecastle, though wounded in the eye, kept all foremost guns in action, himself assisting the depleted crews to load. While he was thus employed a number of frenzied Germans swarmed up over the Broke's forecastle out of the rammed destroyer, and finding themselves amongst the blinding flashes of the forecastle guns, swept aft in a shouting mob. The midshipman, amid the dead and wounded of his gun's crews and half-blinded by blood, met the rush single-handed with an automatic revolver. He was grappled by a German, who attempted to wrest the weapon from him. Cutlasses and rifles with fixed bayonets being among the equipment of the foremost guns' crews, in anticipation of such events as were now taking place, the German was promptly bayoneted by Able Seaman Ingleson. The remainder of the invaders, with the exception of two, who lay down and feigned death, were driven over the side. The two exceptions were eventually made prisoners".


Harrogate Herald - 2nd May 1917

W H Breare letter

You will have read about AB Seaman Ingleson, who bayoneted that German and saved the midshipman who was assailed by that Hun when the Germans boarded the "Broke" in that brilliant affair where the two German boats were sunk. I am proud to tell you that Ingleson is a Harrogate lad, whose mother lives in Cold Bath Road. [Mrs S A Ingleson, 121 Cold Bath Road] You see, thanks to the bravery of our Harrogate lads, the town is frequently reaping high, reflected honours. Evans, of the Scott Antarctic Expedition, commanded the "Broke". Some man, that! Eh? Now we can understand what a "superman" means. Ingleson is home in Harrogate on leave now. He is on his honour not to be interviewed by the Press, or tell things, so we cannot give you his story. Close as an oyster these Navy chaps, aren't they? Probably have taken the diseases (lock-jaw) from Admiralty officials.

Photo Page

Able Seaman E Ingleson, of the British destroyer Broke, who distinguished himself in the naval action in the Channel on the night of April 20th. he is the son of Mrs Ingleson, 121 Cold bath Road, [Mrs S A Ingleson, apartments, 121 Cold bath Road] Harrogate.


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