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Corporal Gordon G Jackson


Harrogate Herald - 18th April 1917

Corporal Gordon G Jackson writes : 

In the issue of the Herald (March 28th) I noticed a letter from a fellow called W Burnett, who is with the New Zealanders. He expresses a wish to meet any old Harrogate fellow who may be with the same body. I don't know him, but would like to have a yarn, as - like him - I have met no Harrogate boys out here. During the last few months I have been playing in an orchestra of 14, who, with a troupe of pierrots, are known as the 12th Divisional Entertainers; so Burnett won't have much trouble in finding me if he comes along to our theatre. We are putting on some good shows, and the boys seem to appreciate our efforts if one can judge from the packed houses we get every night. Thanking you for the paper which you have sent me now for a month. With best wishes.


Harrogate Herald - 4th July 1917

W H Breare letter

My tether is running out, and I shall have to be brief and summarise. I have had visits from Private S Hind Leedale, who has been transferred to a home establishment; Arthur Leedale, who is an artificer in the Navy, and well-known to you lads; Corporal G G Jackson, son of Mr and Mrs W C Jackson, of 16 Unity Grove (New Zealanders); Private W Burrill, son of Jack Burrill, my old friend who used to play the double bass in the original Harrogate Minstrels; and Lance Corporal Wilfred Mawson, son of Mr J Mawson, Cold Bath Road.


Harrogate Herald - 11th July 1917

W H Breare letter

My Harrogate Canadian friend, Corporal G B Jackson, of whom I wrote last week, is the head of an excellent little orchestra out at the Front. He tells me they have their own pierrots and other entertainers besides. Mrs W C Jackson, of 16 Unity Grove, is his mother. To identify the family, I may tell you that they are the Jacksons who had the boot shop at one time near the Market Clock.


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