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Corporal W H Jackson


Harrogate Herald - 15th December 1915

Corporal W H Jackson says : 

I am writing to thank you for sending me out your paper every week. It is very nice to be able to receive local news. I noticed the Roll of Honour in this week's paper, and I consider Knaresborough, for its size, has done very well, but I noticed the last time I was at home a lot of young men who looked eligible for service. All I can say to those men who are forced by compulsion to join will not be half as much thought about as those who enlisted voluntarily. Then, again, will those men in their hearts like to think that they are forced men? Well, this is only an appeal to the men of Knaresborough. I am not so far away from the 5th West Yorks, but have not seen anyone I know yet. The weather at present is awfully wet. It rains nearly every day, but I suppose it is nothing to what we shall have presently.


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